During the Summer of 2018, Lego launched a brand new minifigures series featuring characters from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. In total 22 figures make up the set – 16 from Harry Potter and 6 from Fantastic Beasts. It’s in this latter group that there’s a rare minifigure – Percival Graves. According to collectors, there’s usually only one of these figures per box.

It’s possible to purchase a full set of these minifigures, but be wary. Some sellers only sell the 16 Harry Potter figures whilst others only offer 21. A word of warning, don’t be tempted to look towards The USA for a cheaper option when it comes to seeking out figures. Baulked by the price of Percival Graves we purchased all 6 Fantastic Beasts figures from The USA – and then got hit by a customs charge.